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Lechtal will remember us, but we won‘t forget Lechtal either as we had a very good time riding in Austria and partying in Schönau. The 10th of May, early in the morning, we packed our bikes again for a 3-Day trip. This time the Lechtal in Austria was or location to escape the daily havoc Glenn planned some nice routes so we had the opportunity to enjoy some nice scenery during our 3-day trip. With 15 bikes we started from Ramstein on Saturday at 8 a.m. To get organized we took just a few kilometers highway direction Kaiserslautern. At the exit Kaiserslautern West we took direction Hohenecken to continue the beautiful roads passing the known biker meeting point Johanniskreuz. We warmed up the sides of our tires on the B48 to Annweiler. To eat some kilometers we then took the highway (A65) just behind Landau direction Karlsruhe. From there we continued on the (A8) direction Stuttgart. In the area of Pforzheim we took our first fuel stop for those among us with a smaller fuel tank. Despite this, we got split up just after Stuttgart as one of us (Flying Chicken, a name we might change into Fuel Chicken) got surprised by his fuel tank (this happens if you don ‘t know your bike, he had a rental bike for the WE) and he had to make an extra fuel stop. This resulted in a total chaos as a little further, it was foreseen to exit the autobahn and take some inside roads. Due to different circumstances, our system did not function as it should (last rider always waits for the next one at left/right turns and or exits) what resulted in a delay of two hours to get everybody together again at our lunch stop in Ehingen. The bulk part of us reached Ehingen via the nice roads through the Aichtal, Metzingen, Bad Urach and Münsingen. After we filled our stomachs and gave Danny a lecture about what group riding is all about, we could move on direction Austria. This time it was Inferno who decided it was time to delay the group as a gauche from his cooling system gave up and exploded on the (A7) direction Memmingen. Drako got showered with cooling fluid and Gerrit‘s bike-trip was over. ADAC could not repair the damage on the spot and decided to tow his bike. While the rest of us moved on, Gerrit got in the logistic vehicle with Bernie, escorted by Gilbaar on his bike.Just passed Kempten we took the exit direction Wertach and entered Austria via the Unterjoch and Oberjoch. Here we enjoyed the first impressions of riding in the mountains on our trip. At the Haldensee we had our last break before we started the last stretch down the Lechtal to finally arrive around 7 p.m. at our hotel Schönauer Hof in Holzgau. By 8.30 p.m. we were all reunited at the dinner table. After a good schnitzel, most of us were ready to party with some live music in the local biker bar. It only took us a couple beers (and peanuts) to get the ambiance going. Our biker babes shaked their @$$es loose on the dance floor while our president made clear to the everyone that his riding skills are better than his singing. The next morning some corpses showed up at the breakfast table, but by the time we hit the road, everybody seemed to be fit again. Day two started of rainy, but it cleared up pretty fast. The rest of the day, sun and rain joined us off and on. Due to the heavy snowfalls in the previous months most important mountain passes were still closed at this time of the year. Carver (Glenn) sat together with Kai, the landlord of Schönauer Hof, the night before to plan an alternate trip. (Kai, who is more biker than landlord at heart, and his team are very helpful people who will leave no effort to make your biker holiday succeed.) We started the Lechtal direction West via Warth. Already at the Hochtannberg we were surrounded by meters of snow. The area looked like a deserted ski resort with still perfect snow conditions to exchange the motorbike for a pair of ski‘s. We continued our journey through this beautiful winter landscape direction Au in the valley. Here we took a left turn uphill towards Damüls where we started our way south to Bludenz via the nice scenery of the Faschinajoch and the Fontanella. In Bludenz we searched the national roads towards the Arlberg. In the area of Klösterle we had some refreshments (some wanted an ice-cream after seeing so much snow) before we enjoyed the Arlbergpass. At Strengen we took a long and late lunch on the sunny terrace of Gasthof Post which was welcome for some of us to recover from the intensive night. Strengthened with a good meal we continued our journey through Landeck to start a nice climb to reach Pillerhöhe. As the majority preferred to arrive at a decent time in the hotel we took direction Fernpass via Imst. At Fernstein we stretched our legs for the last time. We extended the break a little to avoid the worst part of a shower that passed by. We headed (home) via the beautiful Namloser Tal. With its long curves that provide enough overview, these roads are paradise for a biker, certainly when the sun would ride along. With about 280 Km the trip was a little shorter than initially planned. The landscapes of this plan B where nice though, colorful variations of flowers down in the valleys and snow on the passes we passed. By 6 p.m. we arrived back at our hotel where most of us crashed early this evening. XTC can call himself the poker champ of this WE as he won the mini tournament that we had. Monday morning, 9 a.m., everybody was punctual as usual and ready to ride their iron horse back to Ramstein. A short visit to Neuschwanstein Castle was the highlight of this day and nobody got lost this time. Maybe because “Flying Chicken” left the group after 50 Km to go and visit his wife, who was TDY in the area. After a long stretch of highway (A7 and A8) we continued from Pforzheim on the national road B294 direction Bretten. From Bretten we continued on the Badische Weinstrasse towards Germersheim. From Germersheim through Neustadt a.d. Weinstrasse via the known B39 towards Kaiserslautern. By 6 p.m. we arrived at the MAXI (our clubhouse) in Ramstein where memories from the WE were shared between some beverages and dinner. From what I heard, all 25 that joined us this trip had 1.240 km of fun. We already decided to do this over next year and make it a 4 or 5 day journey.

Carver & M-Wood